Espacio del Jamón

An interesting tour of the artisan culture of Iberian ham

All stages of Iberian ham

Starting pig breeding, through the healing of cold cuts and stopping at the stages of healing ham you can live and especially feel all these stages and craft, ancient processes and give the final result as healthy and natural product as loved by all, the Iberian ham.

In addition you can taste all kinds of ham and all denominations of origin.

Artisans experts ham

Our expert ham, Virgilio Sanchez, will teach you to cut, to combine and solve all your doubts and concerns related to the Iberian.

It will certainly be an intense and long walk, full of feelings and we are eager to show, through a unique experience in the world.

If you’re a professional cutter and want to improve, enhance and dish as only the teacher Virgilio Sanchez can do, we provide you with special courses for cutters.

In addition to the basic courses for amateurs.